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1st RANK PUBLICATION is a division of EDU-MAX.
                It is one of the best quality publications, specialized in Genius books for younger children. The most ambitious, energetic category of children are in the primary classes and those are the ones requires the excellent training and teaching, care and guidelines, etc.
                All the 1st Rank Publication books are prepared by keeping in mind the above serious points. Getting books for the kids are easy-but getting the right books are very much important. This is the place where we place our quality books before you.
Authors section
Any authors specialized in children section are welcomed with their Genuine Projects.
Publishers section
Publishers who wish to publish books jointly under the brand of -1st Rank Publication are also welcomed.
Children’s section
Any genius children from any schools are welcomed with their projects of stories, poems, general knowledge etc.
Elder citizens section
This will be undertaken only as- their life experiment and experience OR histories of any tragic incidents such as accidents, flood, calamities, tsunami, earthquake etc.
1.    Amazing children’s pictorial dictionary
Childrens brilliant companion.
Childrens essential desk reference book.
Learning is made easy and enjoyable.
Ideal for everlasting gift.
Childrens library edition.
MRP RS.1150/- EDITION 2015/-
2.    Genius children's book of amazing animals
An encyclopedic edition.
A reference book for all.
Covers almost all important animal world.
Life time investment for the children’s and elders alike.
MRP RS.1480/- EDITION 2015/-
3.    Gems of world knowledge
An Encyclopedic approach.
Thought provoking questions, which open the doors to a wealth of information in various subjects.
A guide and companion for students.
Uses simple language and examples relevant to Indian readers.
MRP RS.1580/- EDITION 2015/-
4.    Why when where what who
A reliable source of General Knowledge.
Useful for everyday reference in homes, offices and libraries.
Helps to prepare for quiz competitions, competitive exams etc.
A treasure of invaluable information ranging in various topic.
MRP RS.1580/- EDITION 2015/-
5.    Gems of world scientists
Know the sworld through famous scientists.
Know the nobel prize laureate .
Know the famous inventions and discoveries.
MRP RS.1580/- EDITION 2015/-
6.    Gems of inspiring moral stories
Children’s favorite inspiring book
worth reading book .
printed in 130 GSM art paper.
collection of best touching stories .
MRP RS.1150/- EDITION 2015/-
7.    Gems Of First Ranks Science Encyclopedia
MRP RS.1580/- EDITION 2015/-
8.    Amazing Freedom Struggle
MRP RS.1480/- EDITION 2016/-
9.    Amazing History
MRP RS.1480/- EDITION 2016/-
10.    Amazing Human Body
MRP RS.1480/- EDITION 2016/-
11.    Amazing Sports
MRP RS.1480/- EDITION 2016/-
12.    Amazing Universe
MRP RS.1480/- EDITION 2016/-
13.    Amazing India
MRP RS.1480/- EDITION 2016/-
14.    Amazing World of Animals
MRP RS.1480/- EDITION 2016/-
15.    Amazing World of Plants
MRP RS.1480/- EDITION 2016/-
16.    Amazing World of Personalities
MRP RS.1480/- EDITION 2016/-
17.    Amazing World of Wars
MRP RS.1480/- EDITION 2016/-
18.    First Rank's Questions and Answers
MRP RS.1480/- EDITION 2016/-
19.    First Ranks Gems of Discoveries
MRP RS.1480/- EDITION 2016/-
Green Books Revolution
  • Best Selling Children Books
  • Save Money
  • Library Edition
  • Hard Bound
  • Printed in Art Paper
  • Multi Color
  • Question Answer Format
  • Promotional Discount upto 52%
  • Environment Friendly
A few quality certifications comments from customers
  • Better than the Best.
  • Best in Contents
  • Best in Print
  • Best in Presentation
  • Best Quality Photos used
  • Best Art Paper used
  • Best in Methodology and Design
  • Quality & Price well matched
  • First Rank Publication means-Best Quality Books.
* As per the opinion of valued customers.
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